Seizing Former Spirits

by Nervengeist

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    High quality jewel case CD with a 32 pages booklet, including artworks, band pictures, lyrics and narrative texts.

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Let yourself go Leave this carnal oubliette The water is now still Do not be afraid Enter my cathartic sanctuary Witness the visions of your vain existence Become the light Extricate yourself from physicality Seizing former spirits
Where all serenity stops to dwell The flesh is opening and pain's here Soul being controlled by the other inside Catching the essence of the spirit's sight The path of life is the path to suffocation Ancient reflections drowning the former spirits By the light of the moon, the water of the lake Each breath is burning Turning into anguish Here where darkness reigns and rules The soul is drowning in its curse And while the former spirits are calling The leaves are coldly falling Now caught by this lifeless entity The body is merging with night and ground And now meeting a painful fate While the heart is embracing shadows The stifling winds are praising the end The river of time is drying And drawing the path to suffocation And now that each sensation is Turning into an ultimate sight The water is freezing And trapping the body to the Eternal abyss of dark reflections Darkness and blood unite Blood is melting into soul Through the hands of time
Into this eternal poisonous haze I hear in the cutting winds The echoes of a whispering curse Conjuring the power of a reversed hourglass But its sand doesn't blind me It's imposing on me an oppressive sight It's nor sand, nor blood that will flow tonight Only, forever, the endless waters Through an other inside The sun's light will never, never, reach me again Only tortuous paths surrounding me I must choose a way to behold the truth The fragile fire of life, while subsiding Is not illuminating these trails Enter inside of me, wandering soul Come and reach this sight to behold Watch your pitiable and vain life Now the only way to escape Is to make one with this entity Which inside of me, will bring the light, will guide my soul A glimmer of hope in this abyss of pain I must know why
Reflections 10:44
On the road to the other side Tormented flesh, healing water I'm diving through these mild streams In suffocation, a new look was born Seeking refuge, appeasement of soul Dipping hands in the cold past’s blood Tears flowing on the many faces of time On the road to the other side In the dark abyss of eternity Appeared a wounded and sombre vision Of a ruined fate, a ruined past In the deep, dreary branches of time Memories and hope are only one now Future and past, life and void Distorted time, distorted soul Now death has a new meaning This eternal loss will last forever Toward the universe And through blood, essence of the past Strangling, strangling the earth Calling an ancient and mighty power Diving into the past, slaying my future Doomed to watch Sentenced by fate In my ultimate sight I'm facing the endless floods River of decrepitude Eternal way of flesh Twilight of dawn The sight of future Is now gone in the past A lifeless entity is eating me Catch me now, my pain will open the sight Falling through time Illusions and the obvious Useless to try getting out of this mental maze Facing a wall of lost and crying souls My spirit is jailed, but I need to understand Time, creator of dimensions Beyond its power, another world dwells, another inside In which the waves of existence multiply the faces of eternity As a mirror in its treacherous cradle To the last remains of my heart I'll swim through the dark waves of time To catch the growing burgeon of redemption And to fall in the arms of the former spirits
Behind the sweet mask of innocence Charming eyes hiding the guiltless inhumanity Pulling tears from their fellow retinas Which alike, spread wailing around them Silken cradle of hatred Genesis of doomed flesh Since I've seen the day's glow I have been destroying All kinds of sanity around me Drowning the light, worshipping chaos There was no notion Nor knowing of the river of time But inside I've been drowning Drowning in the essence of vice This ludicrous disguise of naivety Was hiding from the world a growing virus The virus survived Grew up and poured its lusts Soiled the ground And the body of its fellow burgeon
A putrid crawling insanity is hiding there Ready to spring on mother earth's face, this ignoble scourge Incarnation of a cadaverous decrepitude Will creep on the ground and contaminate flesh and air Nothing but a carnal, vicious lust An epidemical essence, a murderous virus Owned by its own will to spill Fleeing death only to reach its blossom of filth This rotten flesh was meant to be spread It propagates on its own as a disease And dirtily enjoys it, enjoys to desecrate its world Drops of secretion in the lungs of the earth Flesh bag in the all mighty soiled breath Open the temple, spread the scourge Vainly trying to breathe and bend its own world To fit its perverse lusts of carnal opulence Ignominiously willing to hold the book of secrets But not for knowledge and wisdom Only for possession and propagation This muck is drowning the light And by its own will to spill, conjures the age of rotteness Inside of the cave will enter the worms And then will start the putrid genesis of filth Worms, worms, come into the lair Begin your great spilling Plaster the virgin fields By the corrosity of your black essence Open the temple, spread the scourge Trigger chaos
Masquerade 07:32
Ritualistic binary dance in the fire of feelings Two mawkish bacterias joining their lousy fluids Both masked under the vile poetry of romance These grown larvas are only spreading Exchanging the flies of insanity Through their rotten orifices Making their scourge swarming Through my illusion Of seeing the only form of beauty I was just witnessing the abjection's proliferation Its own corpuscules Ashamed of their filthiness Creating a new dimension A new perception blinding themselves From their own and fatal abhorrence I was jailed inside this body With memories and regrets Captain of a ship that sailed Onto passion and pain I overcame the storm But I left it my heart Behind the mask of this fairness Only dwelled the flesh of two beings The faith in an artificial, alienating belief Hiding, piercing their eyes With the arrows of Cupid The contact of two pathetic guts Unable to bear the truth Of their pitiable physicality Miserably breathing in the ideal Of a blinding illusion Ashes of an incinerated carnal matter Straight through my bloodshot eyes But I've met the healing waters' purity Sweet whispers from a cold impartial entity Have led me to this omnipresent state Of clear-sightedness As I witness, alone Earth's greatest abomination The former spirits are calling again Its own corpuscules Ashamed of their filthiness Created a new dimension But I'm out of this blind, vain perception I've become one with the fluids Of a former wisdom of purity
Hear me In the arms of the Earth Hear the final call of the great Mother Embrace its former purity In the arms of the Earth Hear me for the last time Make one with the haven
In this place where serenity once stopped to dwell My flesh is regenerating Healed by these mild streams I become one with this sanctuary My haven of demise Through the realm Of a dark ancient peace My visions are giving way To a former clear-sightedness The light of the moon And the fire of life's last glows None of these sources are lighting my path I am now breathing in the abyssal depths As one with the fluids The light I am reaching is beyond all matters I am going toward the absolute inner light Of an original soul Surrounded by darkness, yet guided by its obscurity I am merging through the realm Of a dark ancient peace My visions are giving way To a former clear-sightedness I see the white shining glows I see the radiant outcome of terrifying visions That I have witnessed, wounded, sorrowful Now purified, one with the former spirits As a luminous being, I am seizing the ground
Eternal Haze 13:09
The physical dimension is retracting A luminous being I become Lost my body, my temple of flesh Stronger my soul The bright waters of eternity Banished the wounded and sombre sights Child of a chaotic catharsis I am now breathing the pure air of a former existence And its oxygen, through my blood-empty water veins Purifies my body, ready to seize its fate I have crossed all these steps of suffering There is no pain in me anymore Of this obscure venture remain a few fragments The hardest part of this quest was accomplished But I still feel crumbs of blackness hooked to me I must get rid of these sick gripping memories To access salvation and finally live with the surrounding elements Come to me shining glows, in the abyss You are the last sparks that I still need To set on fire these filthy remains of defilement My soul survived the path to suffocation I must kneel in front of all these elements, seizing the ground Please welcome my being in your peaceful haven of demise For I have overthrown the cold yoke of flesh That sequestered me in a carnal oubliette The mirror is broken and its reflections shattered The ritual is complete, take me to this eternal haze For I am ready to abandon this inferior dimension Witness the visions of a spiritual earthquake A portal is opening, and as a water-being, enter its fracture Do not fear that death, for it embodies light at the end of this tunnel Let your soul enter the realm of the former spirits Exposed to the pure light of powerful beams I can not feel my members, I've left them behind This earthy grave is my burial mound And from its amniotic fluids, I will be reborn But I will never face physicality again Away from the vile embrace of an ephemeral, Fragile and wounded flesh There happened your true birth You have seen the light after the darkness At the end of a long and painful path Dead but truely born, you have now emerged And seized your very first breath of life In your virgin lungs I am the light, I am the pure water-blood of the Earth I am one with the white shining glows My journey is over, for I have caught the growing burgeon I have reached the wise former spirits


ALBUM TEASER with excerpts from every song:

4 years of intense and passionate work after the release of their first demo "Path To Suffocation", NERVENGEIST finally unleash their debut album. This 66 minutes concept opus will take you on a contemplative story, in the deepest and most intimate Nature, and will progressively lead you through the darkest and most tortured visions of our sad human condition. All along the album's cathartic evolution, you will free yourself from this sight, and reach the ancient wisdom Nervengeist summoned for you.

Available in jewel case CD with a 32 pages booklet, including artworks, band pictures, lyrics and narrative texts. A massive release !


released February 17, 2019

• All music written by Axel Plantade and Thomas Hornstein.

• All lyrics written by Thomas Hornstein and Axel Plantade, with the sensible contribution of Patrice Hornstein.


• Axel Plantade: Keyboards and vocals
• Thomas Hornstein: Bass and vocals
• Pierre-Louis Riff: Guitars
• Quentin Geniez: Drums
• Matthieu Fontaine: Guitars

• All music recorded by Nervengeist at Mass Sacred Noise.
• All music mixed and mastered at Mass Sacred Noise by Geoffrey Hindré.

• Front cover artwork and CD layout designed by Thomas Hornstein and Axel Plantade.

Recording guests:

• Lydie Fuerte: Acoustic guitar on Reflections and Be One With Fluid.
• Dominique Gibelind: Cello on Burgeon Of Vice and Eternal Haze. Additional voices on Eternal Haze.
• Thibault Carcenac: Additional voices on Reflections, Burgeon Of Vice, Temple Of Worms, Be One With Fluid and Eternal Haze.

All rights to the music reserved to Nervengeist.

All rights to this CD pressing reserved to Nervengeist and Endless Decrepitude Productions.

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French underground Black Metal & Ambient label.

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